Under 18s Premiers

Burras U18s Premiers!

A mixed day of emotions at Gembrook on Saturday the 21st of September when the Burras Under 18s won their Premiership but the B-Grade Netball missed their chance for Premiership glory.

After 27 years since we won our last junior flag, the Burras when into the game as favourites, as they had beaten Silvan in their past two encounters this season.

Silvan won the toss and kicked with the wind, the Burras held them to 8 points & at half time had a slender lead that they held for the rest of the game.

The Burras B Graders had won their past to premierships & for the 3rd year in a row were playing the grand final.

Monbulk were just to good & led the Burras all day.

Congratulations to both teams for making the Grand Final.

The Burras Committee would like to thank all of the Burras Players, Sponsors, Support Staff and Supporters for everything you put into our club. Enjoy the celebrations - and stay safe!

Unders 18s

Warburton Millgrove
0.0 2.3 3.3 3.5 (23)
1.2 1.2 1.5 2.7 (19)

Warburton Millgrove
Shawn Andueza 1, Jarret Barber 1, Alexander Calder 1

Leigh Carswell 1, Giovanni Volpetti 1

Warburton Millgrove
Jake Uslar (BOG), Adrian Morris, Jackson Jones, Jarret Barber

Leigh Carswell, Giovanni Volpetti, Rory Kavanagh, Ben Straughair

Match Report

The excitement of the day started early, with balloons and streamers waving on road signs all the way from Warburton Township to Gembrook.

The team arrived early and all were switched on for the major task in front of them.
The atmosphere in the room before the game was electrifying and with Vinnie's pre-game talk, the boys were ready.

The boys ran onto the ground through a magnificent banner and to the cheers of the crowd. The turn out of Burra supporters was truly fantastic.

The Gembrook ground was in good condition but already the blustery winds had appeared. Silvan won the toss and elected to kick with the wind in the 1st quarter.

The intensity in the 1st quarter was great, our boys only allowing Silvan to score 1 goal 2 points with the wind, to our nil.

The 2nd quarter the boys continued to be first to the ball and manned up very well. Silvan flooded our forward line making it very difficult to get a clear kick, but the boys fought hard to open the game up, with hard tackling and great handballs.
Warby kicked 2 goals 3 points to Silvan's 2 points.

We were 1 goal, 1 point up at half time.

The 3rd quarter continued to be an intense battle, with Warby kicking 1 goal and Silvan only recording 2 points. The weather had turned nasty, with blustery, cold winds and heavy, driving rain. No supporters moved from the fence line, everyone was drenched …..

The boys went into the last quarter with an 11 point lead, which was to be a battle right to the final siren. The ball remained in Silvan's forward line for the last 8 minutes of the game with Warby holding only a 4 point lead. Warby's intense pressure, stoppages and smothering continued. The team's will to win, and their strong determination, got them over the line with a 4 point Premiership Victory.

Final scores - Warburton 3.5.23 to Silvan 2.7.19

Congratulations on a fantastic, well earned win. The team celebrated afterwards at the Club Rooms with a BBQ, Vote Count and DJ. Well done boys.

Netball B-Grade

Monbulk Hawks
Warburton Millgrove

Monbulk Hawks
Emma Mullinder 23, Grace Sands 8

Warburton Millgrove
Trudy Hancock 13, Peta Adams 11

Monbulk Hawks
Emma Mullinder, Grace Sands, Lisa Boyle, Jamiel Salter

Warburton Millgrove
Trudy Hancock, Peta Adams, Lisa Crunden, Tegan Ward